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to my dear bff amirul syafiq
Tuesday, 15 November 2016 • 07:53 • 0 comments

hye assalamualaikum dear bff..its been a long right?..happy birthday are now in 20 zone..this might be the 4th time i did wish your birthday right? thats also means that we are already 4 year friendship..thanks for being my good friends..only one male good friends i think..from our past friendship till now i just hope that we still like before in future..oh ya as a birthday boy i wish u may have a happy life, have a good future , be with a solehah zaujah, be a very good son of your parents, and the most important be blessed with a good health..if something happen to you or just anything i will be there for u in case if u need me..emmm what else ha... oh ya my keding i do advice u to gain a little bit weight eh..hahaha..thats all from me...

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