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end of semester 5
Sunday, 6 November 2016 • 23:42 • 0 comments

yeayyy end of semester..opss assalamualaikum..finally today is the day..for the first time be the last person among all my friend which finish exam so so late..😰..finished all of them final exam and muet test..Hopefully my grade excellent enough..can i? maybe yes maybe not..hahaha...but hopefully i can..nest semester gonna be a tough semester i think..ahhh finally just a few month to finish my diploma..actually being a student was fun..we can get a lot off experience and memories..especially with all our friend..dear my friend thanks a lot for always being with me..najah,farah,puteri,jiha,dila,ila and many more lah...tengs a lot..lot off love from me..😘😘😘.. wait a minute..seems like i am over reacted already lah...not finish diploma yet okay..just end of semester 5 only fatin..hahaha..okay then bye u all..


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