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lot of love for 2 years
Thursday, 27 October 2016 • 06:08 • 0 comments

hye assalamualaikum...yess u are..this post all about you which is i think i love you and will miss you my dear friend.. named najah an nur..who is the most unpredictable person..from the time i get to know about you there a lot of thing i learned..thanks for always consider about sorry in our earlier friendship i always ignored you..but not really ignored i think..hahhaa...seriously to me u are my bestfriend.. all among my friend you are among the person who im afraid of loosing you...najah..i really do hope that our friendship never die..please do take a good care of yourself..just call me when you feel you need someone to tell your secret , anger , stress ,and sadness darling..this last sem too much memories with you..thanks a lot.. like always i am the person who you used to say " suka membebel " please laaa always dengar semua nasihat fatin yang sebelum2 ni...aku sayang kau gila...muahhh..bye2..

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